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Rechargeable table lamp with diffused light.
The design takes inspiration from the historic NASA system called the Space Shuttle. To the conical blown glass diffuser that protects the metal structure and the LED source are added numerous details that can be discovered page after page, for example the 6.3W LED (one of the highest in the portable market), the brass ring surrounding the base, the easy mechanism for removing the glass diffuser, the ability to change the temperature of the light, from hot to cold with a touch, the touch dimm sensor to adjust the intensity of the light, the wireless charger….
The mission of this collection includes the idea of a design that lasts 30 years just like the life of the Space Shuttle. A system of reusable materials, such as easily removable blown glass, rechargeable batteries and metal structure components, combines with the design approach of a contemporary style that lasts over the years.

Structure: matt black or matt white painted aluminum. Other colors available upon request.
Diffuser: opal white or clear crystal blown glass, easily removable.
Dimensions: structure diameter 17.5 cm; diameter of the glass diffuser 25.5 cm; height 39 cm.
Light source: 6.3W LED - 2700/3000/4000K can be selected by touch sensor. Dimmable 50% - 100%.
Luminous efficacy: 90-100L/W. CRI: ≥90.
Charging via USB C cable.
Duration of use at full charge: up to 8h at maximum wattage.
Full charge time: 4h.
Wireless charging base available as an accessory.
This is a handcrafted product, the presence of small defects and differences, in shape and finishes, is to be considered as the best demonstration of the use of artisanal materials and productions.

  • CE
  • CL.1
  • F
  • IP44
  • Dimmable

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