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Lampe à suspension à lumière diffuse vers le bas et vers le haut.
There are stories of light that origin in the labyrinths of local legends and that are inextricably linked to popular traditions. We are in Venice, the land of blown glass, of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, of historic buildings, where even the smallest details can tell beautiful stories. This collection was born from here, without the certainty of absolute truths but with the hope of recalling the treasures of the magical Venetian atmosphere, recalling the forms of the
steeples which are present on some roofs of the lagoon city. Legend has it that these steeples were used to mark the palaces of those families who could boast at least one “Capitan da mar” in their family tree, a special title that was conferred on the highest officers of the Venetian Navy during wartime. The timeless art of blown glass and the elegant diffusion of light make this collection connected to the present, the past and the future. A chapter to tell, a legend to pass on.

Rosace: peint en blanc mat. Structure: métal peint ou galvanisé. Diffuseur: cristal transparent.

Versions LED US: non dimmable, demander les options de gradation.
This is a handcrafted product, the presence of small defects and differences, in shape and finishes, is to be considered as the best demonstration of the use of artisanal materials and productions.

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  • CL.1
  • IP20
  • Dimmable

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