01 2023
New Headquarter Tyrolit
The project proposes the revisiting and redefinition of the use of a pre-existing industrial building, which originally housed both the production and exhibition area and the caretaker's home, all within a single property. The main objective is to enhance and optimize the existing space, transforming the structure into a multifunctional and contemporary place.

The design is oriented towards the well-being of the people who live and work inside the building. The attention to the relationship between internal and external spaces reflects the awareness of the importance of an integrated and harmonious environment.

The abundance of natural light in offices is designed to improve visual comfort and positively influence the psychological well-being of occupants. The design of windows and openings is based on the concept of balanced lighting, to help create pleasant and healthy working environments by avoiding intrusive or annoying light effects, and to reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

The choice of neutral materials not only gives the building a modern and timeless aesthetic, but promotes the perception of a serene and balanced environment. High-quality materials and careful design can improve the perceptual quality of spaces, and thus the well-being of the occupants.

The inclusion of indoor vegetation is a key element in maintaining good indoor air quality and healthy environments. Plants also play a role in the thermal and acoustic control of internal spaces, which is why the working environment is more comfortable and sustainable.

The project approach is based on a series of targeted choices to promote people's physical and psychological well-being, while ensuring a functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment.


Photographs by MARCO ZANTA - Photographer