17 2022
University of Notre Dame, Prindiville Hall
The University of Notre Dame, Prindiville Hall.
A collaborative and contemporary student facility.

Design: Actus Associates
Photography: D-Max Photography, Joel Barbitta

Designed by Perth-based multidisciplinary design studio Actus Associates, the University of Notre Dame's Prindiville Hall has been transformed into a collaborative and interactive student hub.

Since opening in 1989 in Western Australia, the University of Notre Dame's Fremantle campus continues to support the city's growing student population by offering a range of undergraduate, post graduate, research and double degrees in various faculties including Arts & Science, Business, Education, Law and Medicine. In addition to offering a range of courses and degrees, the campus is also equipped with student facilities such as a lounge, Student Clubs and Societies and Student Association spaces all housed in the newly refurbished heritage Prindiville Hall building.

Actus Associates were engaged to transform the existing student facilities at Prindiville Hall in order to increase student engagement, collaboration and overall usability of the building. Originally refurbished in 2018, the ground floor student lounge was an area suited to large groups of students, however use of this space had declined rapidly. Actus Associates implemented a new floor plan featuring smaller clusters of seating suitable for individual study or small groups of students. On the first floor, the Student Clubs and Societies area which was almost entirely dedicated to storage cages, now houses interactive table settings and lockers. The Student Association space was also refurbished to mimic the professional working environment, enabling students to transition from higher studies into the workforce.

Prindiville Hall's interior features a modern and contemporary design, whilst paying homage to its heritage with areas of original exposed brickwork kept intact. Pops of colour, texture and shape were injected into the space via unique furnishings and feature walls, resulting in a dynamic and engaging space. The use of plush fabric furniture and walls clad with acoustic material create a comfortable atmosphere whilst planter boxes scattered throughout add a touch of greenery to the space.

Actus Associates' design for Prindiville Hall supports the learning environment, enabling students to collaborate and interact with each other in a contemporary and engaging space.