Luc Ramael

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Floor lamp for direct light.
There are shapes that do not belong to ordinary stories. Biluna conveys Prandina's design spirit through intriguing connections between exterior and interior, and by not placing the light source in direct view it seems to merge its glow with its spherical shape.
The story of Biluna is unusual in terms of its size, shape and use. The story of Biluna is unique for its soft and uniform light, with no reflections, that animates large surfaces.

Outer diffuser: painted metal (F5) or polypropylene. Lower diffuser: opal white thermoformed methacrylate. Ballast: electronic, dimmable on request (ECO F7). Transparent methacrylate support ring. Switch or foot control dimmer on power cord. LED version available on request.
This is a handcrafted product, the presence of small defects and differences, in shape and finishes, is to be considered as the best demonstration of the use of artisanal materials and productions.

  • CE
  • F
  • CL.2
  • IP20
  • Dimmable

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