29 2021
Central Park Lobby - Perth
Architect: Woods Bagot / Lighting Designer: FPOV / Photography: Dion Robeson

Woods Bagot breathes new life into Perth's iconic Central Park Tower with their bold transformation of the building's outdated ground floor. Our partner Inlite has played the key role in the lighting design.

Located in the heart of the city, Central Park Tower is Perth's tallest building, comprising 51 levels and reaching 249 metres above ground. Boasting captivating waterside views and surrounded by lush city parkland, Central Park remains a premium business address and home to leading Australian and global companies.

The key objective behind Woods Bagot's extensive transformation was to reinforce a sense of community whilst enhancing the foyer's visual connection to the building's surrounding landscape. Woods Bagot's design redefined the functionality and purpose of the lobby with the introduction of gallery and function areas, vibrant social spaces, meeting pods, open business lounges and the Hemingway Café. New northern and southern façades, exterior landscaping and the re-work of major entries were also included in the refurbishment.

A light and elegant interior replaces the aged austerity of the original lobby whilst respecting the base building architecture. A neutral colour palette of grey and beige tones with deep blue accents and marble details were featured throughout the space, creating a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Curved architectural elements such as pillars and walls along with circular furnishings soften the overall design, resulting in an inviting ambience.

Woods Bagot's refurbishment offers Central Park Tower's tenants and visitors a new style of commercial lobby where work and community come together in a contemporary and vibrant location.
The lighting design for Central Park Lobby features modern fixtures with a circular shape, reflecting the curved interior details to create a cohesive design. The positioning of luminaires was carefully considered: downlights were installed in groups of two or three in order to provide targeted pools of illumination over tables, resulting in an intimate feel. Modern table lamps with wooden bases were selected, complementing the timber furniture featured throughout.

Prandina's Santachiara collection is a celebration of timeless design and delicate materials. Available in two sizes, the Santachiara Table Lamp is a beautifully crafted fusion of hand-blown opal glass and natural ash wood. Its design features a touch dimmer, allowing the user to easily adjust the lighting levels.

Positioned throughout the lobby, Santachiara T1 table lamps create an inviting ambience, providing a soft warm glow. Their curved design and neutral tone complement the furniture and interior details.